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Sega should make a game revolving around Metal Sonic or a cool hybrid of Sonic Heroes and the Sonic Advanced Series.
Back tracking to a bit more platforming might be nice. Sort of like a little bit of everything. -
Sonic Fc Chinchilla 1 by YASSDENSWH
Sonic Fc Chinchilla 1
Hey, what do we have here! A SONIC FC!? man, i thought i gave them up long ago along with actively being in the sonic fandom. but i guess i was wrong.
there's actually a reason i've made an exception for her-she doesn't have a name yet- but it's because she's part of a Sonic game concept.
The idea actually revolves more around METAL SONIC, as surprising as it may or may not seem.
I'm quite excited for this actually. The majority of big events in the concept have been roughly worked out from start to finish. and all that's left are the small details.
I can't say it'll for sure meet it's completion, but while there's still fuel in the fire, feel free to ask about it.

AGE: 10-11
Species: Chinchilla 
Ability: Cybernetic Arm/beam canon-boost. Arm swing.
(Design not final) -


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1. Write the rules.
2. Write 13 things about yourself.
3. Answer the 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. And I mean ONLY 13!(Fuck you, Rules. My city now :3)
5. Make sure that they know that they are tagged.
6. Don't say "You're tagged if you read this."
7. It is forbidden to not tag anyone.
8. Tag backs are allowed.
9. If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you.

So my dumb ass didn't understand this rule the first time, Whoops. here we go:

1. Not straight (lets not get technical/specific here, this is the easiest way)
2. Has too many blogs (most of which i don't use)
3. Is hispanic
4. Also do speak Spanish
5. I didn't like memes at first, but now i love them.
6. I will most likely enjoy anything that mentions spongebob in it (spongebob jokes are my favorite)
7. I love eggs :)
8. I don't have much of a sweet tooth
9. Shit man, I get carsick fairly easily if not enough ventilation 
10. Is often told by surprised eavesdroppers that I'm a good singer, but I'm very shy and usually do it when no one is around. (except for ppl i'm exceptionally comfortable with)
11. Actually enjoys cooking
12. I am allergic to an absurd amount of things
13. There is one song I know that I can somehow play on every instrument i've touched so far once i figure out the sounds
13 Q for me:

1. Cats or Dogs?
   -Both but also neither. (i am quite severely allergic to both)

2. which reptiles do you like best? lizards? or snakes?
   - mmmm.... never considered it. I like both, but my mom hates snakes. Maybe snakes? (BUT geckos tho)

3. if you could travel through time (over 88 miles per hour) and travel through time, when will it be?
     - I would travel to the future! In a time where my kind no longer has to worry about certain prejudices.

      Or ya know, till the end of the Earth so i can finally see all of humanity fall! :D ~

4. what is your current fandoms right now this year? it's ok if it's old or somewhat
       - Main fandom right Now is straight up NINJAGO. But I like to go back to Sonic and spongebob sometimes.

5. what if your favorite song right now? something motivational or just something cool?
        - Right now? Not certain. Becuz it changes everyday. Probably.... Lazy Days ( Livin' in paradise) by Ted Poley ~

6. favorite food for dinner?
        - Okay let me tell you something. Hispanic people don't normally have dinner. (we focus on lunch as the most important. Dinner for us would be a coffee and bread.) I have no idea what foods people would have for dinner?

Idk, uhh... it depends what i wanna eat? sometimes i'll just make a sandwich. it's the "how hungry am I -> how much effort am i willing to put into making food for myself" type of thing.
What id usually have are Sandwiches, canned foods heated up, or sometimes a quesadilla with an egg. Very rarely anything else.

7. favorite dessert? 
  - I don't particularly have a sweet tooth as it makes me nauseous if i consume too much. But fruit tarts (even if i'm allergic to fruit, fuck it) with a custard or whatever is in them are really good IMO. (baked in a bakery, i'd imagine a store bought would would taste like eating straight sugar from satan's asshole) [Oh i guess that means desserts that have custards/pudding like fillings]

8. show/tell me your favorite characters! up to a 3!
     -Mmmm. Jay Walker. (i don't really consider characters as absolute faves)

9. favorite video game? if not then tell me your favorite shows to watch! 
      - OOOO tough question. It's stuck between: Sonic Heroes and Spongebob Squarepants Movie game (my childhood bruh)

10. what's the best talent you'd ever had over than being an artist?
       - uhhh. idk. Either cooking or singing.

11. any minor talent you have that's not valuable? like curling your tongue, bend your finger to a wrist, etc..
      - besides curling my tongue; bending the joints in my fingers, like the first joint.

12. what is your top 3 OTP?

    Currently? Maybe:
         -1. Plasmashipping (Jay/Kai) __ 2. Greenflame ___ 3. Mossshipping

13. if you could be ANY animal you want to be, what will it be and why?
   -We're technically already an animal, but I'd love to be a dog in a loving, upperclass family. I don't need to explain why.

13 QUestions for you:

1. latest you've ever stayed up?
2. Have you ever seen the movie "Cats Don't Dance" ?
3. favorite flash game? 
4. Ever seen the movie "Paprika" ?
5. why the fuck is this 13?
6. Is this a meme?
7. Why is this like some Illuminati shit?
8. favorite ship(s) ?
9. FTW you run out of questions, agree or disagree?
10. Ever broken something? (as in a bone in your body)
11. favorite video game?
12. any youtubers you like?
13. Happy these questions are done? :3

I tag:


No one else I can really tag in this, there u go.

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